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Franchise Arbitration

Franchise Arbitration - Franchise Arbitrator

Franchise laws and regulations are administered on local, federal and international levels. Franchise Law covers right or license that is granted to an individual or business to market goods or services in a particular territory under a company's trademark, trade name, or service mark. It involves many different types of law including trademark law, contract law, administrative law, antitrust law, agency law, trade secrets law, financial services law, international law, the law of acquisitions and mergers.

Arbitration is a legally binding method of resolving Franchise disputes outside the courts. Franchisors often include an arbitration clause in their Franchise contracts, so that if a dispute arises the parties involved are obliged to arbitrate their dispute rather than pursue traditional court litigation. Franchise Arbitration is designed to assist franchisor and franchisee to communicate their concerns and achieve a resolution to resolve their conflict without the high cost of court lawsuit.

Franchise laws and regulations monitor the duties, rights, and liabilities of commercial businesses and private individuals. Arbitrator specializing in Franchise Law can provide assistance on Franchise cases such as:

Franchise Agreements
Franchise Disclosure Documents
Product Licensing Franchise Agreements
Franchise Registration Process
Government Franchise Procedural Requirements

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